Aussies outraged after spotting a packet of Tim Tams for an 'outrageous' price - and that was before they saw the cost of milk

Foodies were left outraged after spotting a pack of Tim Tams at a regional store for an eye-watering amount.

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Foodies were left outraged after spotting a pack of Tim Tams at a regional store for an eye-watering amount.

The popular Arnott's biscuit cost $11.70 at a petrol station in Kalumburu in far north Western Australia - more than four times the $2.50 pricetag at Coles. 

Hundreds of customers were stunned by the high price after an image was shared on Facebook.

The cost left a sour taste in the mouths of customers who questioned how locals are meant to cope with soaring prices amid the cost of living crisis.

'This is the prices of petrol and Tim Tams for some of our most regional and remote communities - and a 2L bottle of milk will cost you $21,' the Facebook caption read. 

'How are people meant to be able to afford the bare essentials when it's marked up over 400 per cent?' the Facebook caption read

Last month Arnott's responded when an Aussie accused the brand of reducing the number of Tim Tam biscuits in each packet.

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Amanda Catalano,who hosts the Setting The Brow Low podcast,bought the new Tim Tam Deluxe Café Latte range and noticed it only contained eight biscuits. 

In a now-viral TikTok she declared 'shrinkflation is getting so ridiculous' after comparing it to an iconic 90s commercial featuring Cate Blanchett where the pack had 11 biscuits. 

'I haven't bought a packet of Tim Tams in years. I think I've just been offered them,' she said,before showing what an 'old pack' looked like. 

'This is what I've always remembered. Stacked side-by-side,no gaps in the middle. There is 11 biscuits.'

Amanda compared the number of Tim Tams in the commercial to the packet she bought and claimed the biscuits in the new Deluxe edition were 'spread out'. 

'Look how spread out they are,there are eight! Three biscuits missing. Like what is that space in between? That's ridiculous,' she said. 

However,an Arnott's spokesperson told FEMAIL this isn't correct as the original Tim Tams still contain 11 biscuits while the limited edition version contain less because each biscuit weighs more.

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