Sunflower, a borderless green public welfare digital industry incubator

The greatness of a revolutionary technology lies not merely in its impact within the technical realm but in its transcendent disruption of production relations and people's daily lives. The internet epitomizes this, and so does blockchain.

World News May 13, 2024

The greatness of a revolutionary technology lies not merely in its impact within the technical realm but in its transcendent disruption of production relations and people's daily lives. The internet epitomizes this, and so does blockchain.


In the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, the blockchain industry stands as a beacon of progress, driving global economic integration and nurturing the digital economy. Against this backdrop, VALKYRIE International Investments Inc. has established a transformative partnership with New Zealand's CONRAD HUMANITARIAN AID ORGANIZATION LIMITED Charity Foundation, introducing a pioneering initiative – the Sunflower Borderless Green Public Welfare Digital Industry Incubator. Sunflower serves cryptocurrency enthusiasts, startups, and entrepreneurs by providing continuous empowerment and support, assisting in overcoming various challenges and issues, and enhancing the competitiveness and market influence of projects. It accelerates their development and commercial success, driving the growth and innovation of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, startups, and the blockchain industry. Sunflower offers comprehensive support from project initiation to commercialization.

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When a new technology emerges, the typical considerations revolve around problem-solving capabilities, potential applications, and commercial viability. Sunflower adopts a comprehensive and full-cycle service model to support startups in achieving successful development. The platform screens and develops early-stage projects through a "Portfolio - Business Assessment - Holistic Incubation - Green Public Welfare Incubation" model to enhance the success rate of investments. "Value" is the primary criterion for project selection, ensuring a clear alignment with blockchain business ecosystem development, breakthrough technologies, or genuine societal and commercial value in public chains, tokens, underlying protocols, trading platforms, Web3, DApps, GameFi, and RWA.

By identifying, investing in, and promoting promising blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, Sunflower Incubator is committed to supporting top-tier projects that promote blockchain technology. Sunflower accommodates diverse ecosystems, selecting the optimal value combinations:

Portfolio: Through effective investment strategies and thorough due diligence, Sunflower Incubator holds an impressive portfolio, including the most successful and popular emerging blockchain projects.

Investment Strategy: Over the past years, VALKYRIE has made numerous investments across various fields, many of which have been widely adopted globally. Within the VALKYRIE ecosystem, Sunflower Incubator serves as a venture capital player. The team is dedicated to discovering globally promising projects and entrepreneurs that positively impact industries. Subsequently, the team makes initial investments in selected projects. Apart from support and guidance, developing projects also require interaction with the platform and interested user pools as a testing ground for their DApps.

Strategic Investment in Projects: In addition to being strategic investors in promising projects, Sunflower Incubator considers its portfolio companies and projects as highly valuable partners. Therefore, the incubator team provides support to founders and creators in various business areas, including legal, financial, networking, and marketing.

Dedicated Resource Portfolio: Through Sunflower Incubator's incubation program, entrepreneurs can benefit from a dedicated resource portfolio:

Seed Round Investment: Provides initial funding and attractiveness for projects and entrepreneurs across various categories.

Mentorship: Sunflower Incubator can refer business leaders to founders within the Sunflower ecosystem, who possess extensive expertise ranging from token economics and blockchain infrastructure technology to entrepreneurial operations.

Extensive Networking: Startups can leverage Sunflower's diverse industry leader network to establish relationships. With honest feedback from these leaders, both entrepreneurs and projects can further develop.

Comprehensive Support: Sunflower Incubator provides multifaceted support to startups, including regulatory and legal advice, recruitment, technical execution, fundraising, marketing, and public relations.

Comprehensive Exposure: Participation in Sunflower Incubator's incubation program provides valuable exposure opportunities for blockchain entrepreneurs and teams.

The Sunflower Incubator team believes that evaluating projects from a mass adoption perspective will enable Sunflower to anticipate and lead market trends. Venture capital is not a winner-takes-all game. Competitors in some industries are not genuine competitors. Sunflower Incubator values and seeks to establish strong and positive long-term relationships with leading financial and strategic investors in the field, leveraging each other's strengths in sourcing, finding, and realizing investments.

Amidst successive iterations of distributed business services, blockchain serves as an intermediary for value flow, consensus achievement, and overall coordination among various business entities. Sunflower Incubator, rooted in the Borderless Green Public Welfare Digital Industry Incubator, is a product of the digitalization and globalization era of green public welfare. It represents an exploration and attempt to combine disruptive technology with a sense of social mission.

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