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EducationMay 30, 2024

Gen Z youngsters spend too much time chasing 'get rich quick' side hustles instead of committing to their main jobs - as research shows millions admit to being less ambitious

Millions of kids have moaned that other generations don't like them - but research shows many of them spend their days chasing an easy fix rather than working hard at their primary jobs.

EducationJun 20, 2024

Dragons’ Den star and former Tory donor endorses Labour

Although he is offering his time and not his money, Theo Paphitis says the Conservatives have ‘forgotten’ about growing the economy

EducationJun 20, 2024

Cricket star Lachlan Morganti fronts court charged with theft after he allegedly stole Gofundme appeal cash for tragic Hannah McGuire

A cricketer accused of stealing $64,541 from a GoFundMe organised to raise money for the grieving family of alleged murder victim Hannah McGuire has appeared in court.

EducationJun 20, 2024

Married At First Sight fan favourite Lucinda Light teases reality TV comeback as she shows no signs of slowing down amid new-found fame

Lucinda Light expressed her reality television days are not behind her on Thursday as she revealed which series she has set her sights on next.

EducationJun 19, 2024

Doctors want to lower drink-drive limit to one beer

The current legal limit for driving of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood – or 0.08 per cent

EducationJun 19, 2024

Vegan chicken wrap recalled over E.coli fears

Manufacturer THIS! is latest company to withdraw product as Food Standards Agency works to identify cause of outbreak


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