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Happy news to their partners before the victim's holiday, near the TARISH Üzüm Union. 5 TL price difference promised to cooperators on 5 June 202

Tech&Science Jun 4, 2024 IDOPRESS

TARİŞ Üzüm Birliğinden yaklaşan Kurban Bayramı öncesi ortaklarına sevindirici haber geldi. The Union will calculate the price gap between 5 TL and 5 June 2024 on Wednesday, promised to cooperatives. The price difference to be added is 65 million TL total.

President Ferhat Shan, jointly with the board of directors and the general board of directors of the United Nations Entegre Group, joined the press conference. At the meeting, Shan gave the news that they would start paying attention to the 5 TL price they promised to partners in the past: "We will put the 5 TL price differences that we promised our partners to grab on June 5, 2024, in the accounts of our partners. May our partners be beneficial."

TARGET Team Union said they were planning to invest 60 million TL in integrated grapes and quality increases in circulation. p>

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